How To Get a Bucket of Fish in Minecraft: 5 Steps

How To Get a Bucket of Fish in Minecraft
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Ever wondered how to get a bucket of fish in Minecraft? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we will talk about how to catch fish and put them into buckets.

We’ll also discuss how you can use these buckets on your head to get a whole bucket full of fish! With the right tools and techniques, it’s easy to amass an army of water creatures that can be used as food or bait for other animals.

How to get a bucket of fish in Minecraft?

So now let’s have a look into getting a bucket of fish in Minecraft to follow just 5 easy steps:

how to get a bucket of fish in minecraft

1. Make a fishing rod

To make a fishing rod for Minecraft, you can use a crafting table, sticks, and string. The total cost of these materials will be one or two pieces of wood and four pieces of string.

How to make a fishing rod: Cut the logs into planks using your ax with level three experience points in chopping trees. Put all the planks together on top of each other. Put the string on top of the planks. Use your knife to cut off two segments for each side and tie a knot so that you create an X shape with one plank on either end.

Put logs, sticks, and any other ingredients in crafting table mode; place them above water source blocks (or use buckets).

2. Catch fish in water

In order to catch fish from the water, you’ll need a fishing rod and some bait. We recommend using raw chicken or beef as your bait while on land; however, if you’re in the ocean or somewhere with no trees nearby, then use rotten flesh instead (these types of meat will attract all sorts of sea life).

How to catch fish: Place your bait on the hook of your rod, which you’ll then need to lower into a body of water.

If you start feeling nibbles, it’s time to reel them in by holding down both mouse buttons and scrolling up with your fishing rod. If successful, this will make sure that you’ve caught a new fish!

3. Put the fish in a bucket

To put the fish in a bucket, you’ll need to use a bucket and your fishing rod.

How to put fish in a bucket: Place the hook of the fishing pole on top of the back end of the empty water container, then hold down both mouse buttons while scrolling up with your rod. This will drop any caught fish into the said container!

4. Put the bucket of fish on your head

To put the bucket of fish on your head, you’ll need to first craft an empty bucket (see how below) and a fishing rod.

How to get a new bucket: You can use either wood or stone for this step. To do so, place one log in crafting table mode above two sticks. Place some more logs next to the first one and you’ll see a new bucket appear.

How to put the fish in your head: First, place an empty water container on top of your head by right-clicking it while holding down both mouse buttons.

Next, craft yourself some bait (raw meat will work) and tie it onto the fishing rod.

Thirdly, lower the bait into the water and you’ll start feeling nibbles. When this happens, hold down both buttons on your mouse while scrolling up with your fishing rod to put any fish caught in a bucket!

How to get it: Put a new empty container on top of the head; use the fishing pole to catch fish and place them inside said container.

5. Get a bucket of fish!

Once you have enough fish in your bucket, go to an open area and right-click on the ground while holding the downshift so that there is no block under where you are standing and then release the mouse button – this will make a small pool of water appear and now drop all of your fish into it for them to swim away!

You now have successfully caught a bucket full of fish in Minecraft!

Video Guide to Get a Bucket of Fish in Minecraft

Taking Inventory

Welcome to Taking Inventory, where we take a look at all the interesting things that can be found in the world of Minecraft! Today, we’re looking at the Bucket of Fish.

This item can be found in the game by fishing in any body of water. It can also be obtained by looting fishing hut chests. When used, the bucket will collect up to six fish, which can then be used for food or traded with villagers.

The Bucket of Fish is a great item to have in your inventory, as it can provide you with a steady supply of food. Fishing is a great way to relax and take in the beautiful scenery of Minecraft, so be sure to give it a try the next time you’re looking for something to do!


Can you craft a bucket of fish?

Minecraft’s tropical fish bucket is a water container that has live, brightly colored fish in it. You can gather these items by killing and harvesting them from living reefs all around your Minecraft world.

How do you make a cod bucket in Minecraft?

I knew I wanted to craft a cod. The first step is finding one in my Minecraft world, though that won’t be too hard with all the water around here!

Next, you need to have your hands on some of this precious resource-a bucket full of it will do nicely.

Finally: just use the water bucket while right next to where we plan our fishy friend’s home!

Can you breed fish in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you cannot breed Fish. There are no Baby fish in the game! You can find them by exploring deep into ocean biomes as passive mobs spawn on land only.

What can Minecraft’s tropical fish do?

Minecraft’s tropical fish use their fin to propel themselves through the water, making them one heck of an acrobatic animal.


Congratulations! You now have a bucket of fish. If you enjoyed this blog post, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. We’ll be sure to respond with any additional advice or resources that may help you on your Minecraft adventure!

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