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Abu Garcia Revo S - Post Review
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Spinning reels are one of the most popular types of fishing reels for a reason. They are durable, easy to operate, and can tackle large fish with ease.

This makes it perfect as an all-around fishing reel for anglers of different skill levels.

But since they are extremely popular, there is no denying that there is an abundance of spinning reel models in the market.

Out of the new spinning reels in the market, the Abu Garcia Revo S instantly caught my attention. Aside from its undeniable aesthetics, it is also built with promising features that bring other spinning reels to shame.

It was so fascinating that’s why I decided to write my own review of the Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel. Continue reading to know our thoughts about this unit.

What Comes with the Abu Garcia Revo S

At first glance, the Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel already looks promising. It features a black-and-white color scheme that looks great with any rod.

It also has a modern design that instantly gives your rod an upgrade.

But, this spinning reel is more than just head-turning aesthetics. Here are some of the most notable features of this unit.

Abu Garcia Revo S

Abu Garcia Revo S

Key Specs:

  • Brand: Abu Garcia.
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Fishing technique: Spinning, Casting
  • Hand Orientation: Left Hand
  • Crafted from the highest quality material ensuring quality and durability

Solid Construction

Spinning reels may not be as sturdy as baitcasting reels, but they should still be capable of tackling larger species of fish.

With that in mind, it is ideal for a spinning reel to have solid construction. Fortunately, Revo S meets this criterion.

This unit boasts being made of a C6 Carbon body that is known for being lightweight yet durable.

Since it’s lightweight, it gives the rod a balanced weight which makes casting the line easier.

This carbon body also improves gear alignment, making it easier to reel in your catch.

Aside from the solid carbon body, the Abu Garcia Revo S is also built with 7 stainless steel HPCR bearings.

These components are known for their corrosion resistance, so you know that you can use them in freshwater and saltwater environments.

I also love that it has an ambidextrous design. It truly is a spinning reel that can be used by everybody.

Without a doubt, the Revo S is the result of careful planning and engineering.

Superior Drag System

Another notable feature of the Abu Garcia Revo S is its superior drag system. Abu Garcia reels are known for the smooth reeling action they provide, and the Revo S is no different.

Thanks to the brand’s Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag System, reeling in the fish has never been so hassle-free.

Even if you get a bite from a stubborn fish, the line is fully supported by this system, so there is no need to worry about it being broken.

This also makes sure that the fish won’t be able to pull the reel apart. And that is quite impressive.

Casting Accuracy

The reason why you need a good fishing reel is to make sure that you’ll be able to handle the spool and line effectively as you make a cast.

Luckily, the Abu Garcia Revo S is also designed to promote casting accuracy.

Thanks to its Rocket Line Management System, you get unmatched control over any line you use.

This feature also prevents the line from becoming tangled so you can just focus on your fishing.

Whether it’s a heavy braid or a lightweight line, you can count on the Revo S to simplify everything for you.

Also, the angler can tie the line directly onto the aluminum spool. This guarantees a strong attachment that reduces slipping for a smooth casting action.

Ease of Use

And finally, I love how the Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel paves the way for the user’s convenience. Despite its modern and seemingly intimidating exterior, it is quite an easy reel to use.

It has an intuitive interface that allows different users to operate it without any problem. Experienced anglers will love this reel, but it is also simple enough for beginners.

If you are a serious learner, then you won’t regret investing in this fishing reel.

Like most of the Abu Garcia spinning reels, the Revo S also boasts an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to control.

It has large PVC knobs that are easily accessible with whichever is your free hand. That proves that it has a user-friendly ambidextrous design.

Also, the Abu Garcia Revo S comes with the Everlast Bail System. This feature makes it easy to engage or disengage the spool. Thus, you get full control of your every move.


  • Premium and durable materials are used in its construction.
  • It offers a smooth and hassle-free drag.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is very stylish.
  • It offers excellent value for the money.


  • Some users report having issues with the bail arm.

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FAQs: People Also Asked

What is the best Abu Garcia spinning reel?

Abu Garcia has produced numerous spinning reels throughout the years, but there is no denying that the Abu Garcia Revo SX is its best one so far. With its ergonomic design and superior features, it promises both performance and convenience.

Are Abu Garcia reels good?

Abu Garcia is known as one of the best reel manufacturers in the world. Not only does it produce stylish reels, but each one is engineered to ensure unparalleled performance. Thus, it is easy to say that Abu Garcia reels are good – if not the best in the market.

What is the best spinning reel for the money?

If the value for money is what you are after, then the Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel is your best bet. This unit may not be the most affordable Abu Garcia reel, but you won’t regret the purchase, either. With its user-centered design and unmatched performance, you get so much more than the money you paid.

Final Verdict

If there is anything you learned from reading this review, it is this: the Revo S can easily be one of the best spinning reels in the market.

Aside from its durable construction, it also features an impressive system that helps you handle the lines effortlessly. While working with the bail can be tricky, it’s not hard to learn. The intuitive design is also beginner-friendly, but still great for experienced users to maximize the experience.

And with its smooth drag system, there is no denying that the Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning Reel is a force to be reckoned with.

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