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Shimano Stradic FL
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The Shimano Stradic FL is a high-quality fishing reel combo with some great features. It’s ideal for beginners but also has the power to hook up larger fish if needed.

Fishing is a great hobby, but it can be hard to find the right gear that suits your job.

The Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel Reviews will help you decide whether or not this product is for you and, whether or not this product is worth purchasing over others on the market.

One of the benefits of this particular series is its smooth casting performance which makes reeling in catches much easier than other models on the market.

Another good feature of this particular model is the lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around and use all day long without getting tired.

1Shimano Stradic FL 500098/100Check Price
2Shimano Stradic FL 400097/100Check Price
3Shimano Stradic FL 300095/100Check Price
4Shimano Stradic FL 250093/100Check Price
5Shimano Stradic FL 100090/100Check Price
Comparison Chart for Shimano Stradic FL Series

Shimano Stradic FL Series Review

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy nature, but it can be hard to find the right gear. 

Finding the perfect fishing reel for your needs can be difficult. There are so many different types of reels on the market that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reels is a great option for anglers looking for an affordable spinning reel with high-performance features like a strong drag system and lightweight design.

This spinning reel has been designed by Shimano, one of the most trusted names in fishing equipment, which means you know you’re getting quality when you own this product!

Below are the detailed reviews!

#1 Shimano Stradic FL 5000

The Shimano Stradic FL 5000 spinning reel is a solid all-around performer. It has features that make it an exceptional competitive fishing reel, but also the versatility to handle most freshwater fishing applications.

The Stradic 5000 FL offers durability and performance with plenty of power for fighting fish on hard-pulling surf rods or casting outfits in freshwater situations.

The reel can be used for both fresh and saltwater when combined with the appropriate parts, but if you want to use this particular model exclusively in saltwater then beware that it will corrode quickly if exposed to seawater for prolonged periods.

With a 6.2:1 gear ratio and a 24-pound max drag system, the Shimano Stradic 5000 FL is a good choice for fishing in both salt and fresh water.

It comes with a corrosion-resistant graphite body, aluminum gears, and a stainless steel main shaft. The line capacity rings can be rotated to accommodate different types of lines from low-diameter monofilament.

Shimano Stradic FL 5000


Key Specs:

  • Weight: 9.35 Ounces.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Hand Orientation: Left.
  • Max Drag: 24 lbs.

Features and Benefits:

  • SA-RB bearing system ensures smooth casting while the strong aluminum drive disc provides positive pick-up power.
  • This Shimano Stradic 5000 FL spinning reel comes with a clicker that can be turned off for ultra-smooth retrieves.
  • The carbon drag washers help you adjust the level of pressure needed to give line tension during fights with big, aggressive fish.
  • The handle is made out of high-impact ABS and the spool is aluminum for lightweight operation.
  • Stradic FL 5000 spinning reel is an excellent choice for all-purpose freshwater fishing.
  • It comes pre-spooled with a 50lb Power Pro braided line, making it ready to go out of the box.
  • This Shimano Stradic FL 5000 spinning reel is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

#2 Shimano Stradic FL 4000

Shimano Stradic FL 4000 spinning reel is the latest in fishing gear. Its graphite frame and aluminum spool make it lightweight, yet tough enough for any angler.

It has a 6+1 bearing system with one anti-reverse roller bearing that ensures long casts and smooth retrieves even when fighting big fish.

Plus, the Shimano FHSS (Full Metal Shield System) protects gears from corrosion while also reducing friction on gears to keep them running smoothly.

With its durable design, the Shimano Stradic fl 4000 will last you years of fishing trips without breaking down or showing signs of wear and tear like other reels do after only a few outings!

The gear ratio is 6.2:1  and the retrieve is a little fast at 3.2 inches per turn. These numbers come from our Shimano Stradic 4000 FL review after testing it ourselves!

Shimano Stradic 4000 FL spinning reel has a power handle to make fighting big fish easy, and it uses a cross-carbon drag system that adjusts easily using the palm of your hand.

Shimano Stradic FL 4000

Shimano Stradic FL 4000

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 14.4 Ounces.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Hand Orientation: Left.
  • Max Drag: 25 lbs.

Features & Advantages:

  • This is a lightweight and durable reel that will last you years of fishing trips without breaking down.
  • It has a 6+1 bearing system with one anti-reverse roller bearing that ensures long casts and smooth retrieves even when fighting big fish.
  • Feel the power of a reel in your hands. 
  • Tackle big fish without breaking a sweat.
  • Watch your line effortlessly wind onto the spool without backlashes.
  • The Stradic 4000 has been built to last so you don’t have to worry about replacing shims or bearings.
  • You can even replace the spool!
  • The gearbox is easily accessible so you can service it yourself.
  • It has a Silent Drive System for reduced noise, keeping fish calm and making them harder to spook!
  • You’ll still hear the click of the bail, but the sound is much quieter than other reels.

#3 Shimano Stradic FL 3000

A Shimano Stradic FL 3000 is a spinning fishing reel with the latest technology to help you catch fish easier. The reel has an aluminum frame and side plate, which are both lightweight and durable.

The drag system offers smoother drag performance so that you can have more control when reeling in your catch. This reel is perfect for anglers of all skill levels because it’s easy to use and will last for many years with proper care.

With a 6.4:1 gear ratio and a quick access side plate, you’ll be able to use the Shimano Stradic 3000 FL for multiple fishing situations.

It also includes SA-RB 6+1 bearings which can handle more than 20 lbs of drag power.

This is a great saltwater spinning reel that got around 150 plus positive reviews with 4.9-star ratings on Amazon.

Shimano Stradic FL 3000

Shimano Stradic FL 3000

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 11.2 Ounces.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.4:1
  • Hand Orientation: Left.
  • Max Drag: 25 lbs.

Features and Advantages:

  • The Stradic 3000 FL is a high-end reel that will last you for years.
  • It has an X-Ship design which allows it to be lighter and stronger than ever before.
  • You’ll spend less time fighting with your fishing line because the spool system is so smooth and easy to use.
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Smooth cross-carbon drag system for more control. 
  • Get a better grip on your fishing experience with the Shimano Stradic 3000 FL spinning reel

#4 Shimano Stradic FL 2500

Shimano Stradic FL 2500 spinning reel is a great option for anglers. This particular one has been designed to be lightweight, durable, and smooth to make it easier for you to enjoy your fishing experience.

It features three shielded stainless steel ball bearings that are meant to increase the efficiency of line feeding by up to 30%.

The drag system on this reel is also quite impressive with six different settings that can be used depending on what type of fish you’re attempting to catch.

There’s also an EVA handle knob that helps reduce vibrations when reeling in larger fish or when fighting against heavy currents. With a 6.0:1 gear ratio, this spinning reel is capable of holding up to 100 meters of a 4-pound line.

This Stradic FL 2500 spinning reel is a quality product made from high-quality materials so there’s no need for any additional maintenance other than a regular rinse with fresh water.

The Shimano Stradic FL 2500 spinning reel has a maximum drag pressure of 10kg and a minimum drag pressure of 0.5kg which is generally more than enough to catch even the larger species that live in the oceans.

Shimano Stradic FL 2500

Shimano Stradic FL 2500

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 9.35 Ounces.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Hand Orientation: Left.
  • Max Drag: 24 lbs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight and durable for fishing on the go.
  • Smooth and easy to use for a more enjoyable experience. 
  • The structure made of five materials, called Hagane, gives the gear advantage over conventional gear material by making it harder than stainless steel yet lighter than titanium.
  • This results in stronger, smoother, yet lighter gear.
  • The revolutionary new Drag system by Shimano is designed to be extremely powerful while providing smooth start-up and drag curves. 
  • The first pinion gears are made of Hagane steel, while the second pinion gears are made of super hard, carbon-infused, stainless steel.
  • This new design allows for a smoother start-up and resistance from abrasion from sand or gravel. 
  • The spool is made with added length in the lower section, which results in reduced line friction when retrieving the line. This makes it possible to achieve an incredible max drag of 20 lbs.

#5 Shimano Stradic FL 1000

I recently had the chance to test out the Shimano Stradic FL 1000 spinning reel on some fishing trips. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well it was handled. It’s so smooth and lightweight, but still really durable.

This is one of the best spinning reels for beginners which I’ve ever used, and would highly recommend it to anybody looking for an upgrade.

It has a solid build quality, yet is surprisingly light! The drag system is top-notch too, with easy adjustment for different types of fish. That’s what you want in a fishing reel – something that’ll work well with any type of fish you’re targeting!

With a 6.0:1 gear ratio, you’ll get a lot of power and feel for the fish. Plus, you can adjust it to 5.0:1 and it won’t make much of a difference if you’re fishing for more delicate fish like trout or panfish.

I’ve used this spinning reel both on freshwater rivers and saltwater bays, and I realize that this is one of the best saltwater fishing reels for beginners.

Including 6 plus 1 bearing, the amount of smoothness and durability it provides is impressive. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality reel that won’t break down.

Shimano Stradic FL 1000

SHIMANO Stradic FL 1000

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 11.2 Ounces.
  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Hand Orientation: Left.
  • Max Drag: 24 lbs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Shimano’s MicroModule Gear II provides precise gear shifts with minimal effort. 
  • Rotational smoothness and power transfer make casting a breeze. 
  • Silent Drive gives you the ability to fish in stealth mode when needed. 
  • X-Protect water-repellent coating ensures your reel will last for years to come, even if it gets wet!
  • Cast like a pro with Shimano Stradic FL 2500 spinning reel!
  • Faster, more powerful casts.
  • Tackle any fish without fear of breaking the line or rod. 
  • Be the envy of your friends with this high-quality reel!

Advantages of Stradic FL Series

  • Amplify your fishing game with this Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel.
  • Try out the new spinning reel for a fresh experience
  • Easily adjust the drag levels to suit your needs
  • Deliver smooth, long casts during the fight
  • The strong gear system ensures a smooth rotation of the crank handle
  • A large spool capacity for a fully packed fight
  • An incredibly sensitive line can sense nearby fish and life lurking underwater 

So what are you waiting for? The Shimano Stradic FL series will change your fishing game.

Things to Know Before Buying a Spinning Reel

Before buying a spinning reel you need to know such things.

Hagane Body & Gear

The first thing is Haganes body and gear. In earlier days, reels were made up of brass or aluminum which was not durable, and also these materials are less strong. Then the companies started to use steel for making reels.

The most common type is the Hagane body and gear which has a layer of soft metal like gold and plates them with steel. Shimano Stradic FL is a sturdy reel with Hagane Body and Gear.


The next thing is X-Ship. Shimano, one of the famous companies for producing fishing gear provides a different technology as their main selling point.

In earlier days there were no bearings in the reel which causes lots of problems. So to reduce this problem they started manufacturing reels with bearings like Chevalier 6500, Okuma Ceymar, etc.

G-Free Body

The G-free body helps to reduce the resistance of the body.

In earlier days, reels with bearings were not able to move smoothly as they have a heavy gear system. This caused lots of problems.

So this new technology was introduced as G-Free Body by Shimano Sarda 3500S and Okuma Ceymar MG50 Heavy Duty Spinning Reel.

E-Carbon Handle

The latest technology is an E-carbon handle which provides a lightweight body and reduces the chances of breaking. Since it is made out of carbon, it becomes lighter than aluminum and steel reels.

SA-RB Bearings

SA-RB bearings are very important. Shimano Stradic is a great example of SA-RB bearings with great durability and smoothness.

Cross Carbon Drag System

Another important thing is the Drag system. The “Drag System” allows you to use your fishing reel in different conditions. The term “Drag System” is used because of the drag pressure that the reels can offer when a fish bites at your bait or lure.

Some examples are Abu Garcia Revo Rocket, Daiwa Tatula, Okuma Ceymar MG50 Heavy Duty, Shimano Stradic FL, etc.

Long Stroke Spool

There are reels like Shimano Stradic and Daiwa Tatula which have a Long Stroke Spool and Twin Drag System.

The Long (303 mm) Stroke Spool allows the angler to reach their maximum casting distance. While spinning reels provide around 300 mm of stroke, this is one step further than other reels.

This feature is used to reach your maximum casting distance and also to increase the speed of retrieval after a cast.

While Shimano Stradic has another feature the Twin Drag System which reduces pressure on both sides of the spool for smooth tension-free operation.


Last but not least, you need to consider your budget before buying a spinning reel. First, you should know about the features which you need or want in your fishing reel.

There are several brands in the market from which you choose a spinning reel that suits your needs and budget. If you want to buy the best quality products with the latest technology, then you should spend some money on them.

But if your budget is low, then also there are many products available for you to choose from. In this case, you may not get the latest technology but still, they will give you your money’s worth.

FAQs: People Also Asked

Which Shimano Stradic is best?

You won’t find a more convenient model than the Shimano Stardic FL. It features single-speed gearing for effortless cranking and smooth casting that also opens up a world of fishing possibilities for beginners. The Stradic has been proven as an excellent all-around choice for any type of fishing scenario, from calm lakes to wild ocean waves. But its perfection is in its versatility, able to switch from freshwater flats to saltwater reefs without missing a beat. This reel will suit almost every level of skill set and is perfect if you’re looking for a high-end option with tons of impressive features!

Is the Shimano Stradic FL A saltwater reel?

Yes, The Shimano Stradic FL is a saltwater spinning fishing reel.

With the Shimano Stradic FL, 5000 would the grappler be a good rod?

The Shimano Stradic FL 5000 is an excellent, high-quality spinning fishing reel. And, the grappler would be a good rod pairing to go with your Shimano Stradic FL 5000 reel.

What is the best-sized Shimano Stradic FL for inshore fishing?

The Shimano Stradic FL 4000 is the best ideal-sized reel for inshore fishing.

Is the Shimano Stradic FL 5000 suitable for saltwater bottom fishing?

Yes, it is suitable to be used in saltwater bottom fishing.

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Shimano has been in the fishing industry for over 100 years and is dedicated to producing quality products.

This Review will give you a sense of what this reel can do, but there’s always more to learn about it.

To find out more about the product or get tips from others who have purchased it, head on to YouTube where videos abound that’ll show you how they work up close and personal!

Then make the Shimano Stardic FL series yours too!

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