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Shimano Stradic FL 1000 - Review Post
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I have been fishing for years and the Shimano Stradic FL 1000 Spinning Reel is by far my favorite spinning reel for beginners.

This reel has a lot of features that make it easy to use, hard to break, and just plain great at catching fish!

I’ll go through each feature so you can see why this product is so amazing.

The Shimano Stradic FL 1000 is one of the most popular spinning reels on the market.

It is also one of the best spinning reels for catching saltwater fish, so if you are fishing in an ocean, lake, river, or gulf near you, this might be your best option.

Below are a detailed review including each feature, pros-cons, and advantages.

Detailed Review of Shimano Stradic FL 1000

This is a high-quality product that has many great features for an already long list of satisfied customers. With the use of its lightweight graphite frame, it allows you to easily cast in any situation or condition.

The front drag system on this spinning reel uses only one level, makings setting your drag much easier than using a multi-level system.

This is great because you do not have to worry about accidentally changing the drag while fighting a fish or if you get into any type of rough water.

Shimano Stradic FL 1000

SHIMANO Stradic FL 1000

Key Specs:

  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Weight: 11.2 Ounces.
  • Hand Orientation: Left.
  • Max Drag: 24 lbs.

Below are a detailed review including each feature, pros-cons, and advantages.

Hagane Body:

The Hagane body is a type of frame for this product. It is composed of a very strong material, and it also has a reduced weight to provide you with an easier time when you are out on the water all day long.

It does have bearings that use oil which means they will work much more efficiently than if they were dry bearings.

The Hagane body makes this product very reliable and it is sure to last you for many years.

It also makes the drag system work much more efficiently than if they were dry bearings.

This means that your drag will perform just as well when fishing out in rough waters or even when fighting a fish for hours on end. It can handle all of this easily without any signs of slowing down.

Spool Design:

The spool on the Shimano Stradic FL 1000 is composed of a graphite material that allows it to be lighter than other reels whose spools are made from aluminum or stainless steel for example.

The advantage to this type of reel is that you can now have an easier time maneuvering your fishing line when out in the water or while fighting a fish.

The spool also has an aluminum lip which means that it won’t wear down over time like if you were to use stainless steel because aluminum is softer than this material.

This allows you to keep fishing for longer periods without worrying about your line wearing out on the reel.

Hagane Gears

This spinning reel also has all Hagane gears which allow for even better durability and further prevent corrosion that typically happens with cheaper alternatives on the market.

The Hagane gearing also means that the gears are incredibly strong but still lightweight, allowing for better casting and less fatigue on your arm after long periods of use.

This spinning reel is perfect for saltwater fishing due to its corrosion-resistant components.

Cross Carbon Drag System:

The Cross Carbon Drag System of this reel  has a drag power of 24.0 lbs which is more than enough to handle almost any type of fish that you will be encountering when using this reel

S A-RB Bearings:

It comes with S A-RB  bearings that enable the smooth running of the spool and contribute to its durability. And reduce the possibility of salt or sand entering the bearing.

Multipurpose Fishing:

I recommend that you use this reel when fishing for saltwater species such as striped bass or bluefish but it can also be used in freshwater to catch larger-sized fish like large trout and salmon.

In addition, if you are a beginner or intermediate-level angler, I think it is more user-friendly for you than other models.

Line Capacity:

This product comes with line capacity rings on both sides of the spool making it easy to see how much your current setup has left before needing to be re-spooled.


The product weighs only 11.2 ounces, which is very lightweight for this type of spinning reel.

Gear Ratio:

The Stradic FL 1000 has a gear ratio of 6.0:1 and the gear ratio weight is suitable for drag power up to Shimano Stradic FL 1000 24/150 0.25 mm – 50 lbs 30 lbs up to 11 kgs 17 lbs.


The Stradic FL 1000 also includes X-Protect which provides higher levels of water resistance without sacrificing the smoothness or strength of the reel.

G Free Body:

You’ll be casting longer and feeling better with the G Free Body.

It’s like having an extra set of hands-on on your line, helping to reduce fatigue for greater accuracy in allaying fish while also enhancing comfort during those long hours at sea!


X-SHIP helps you get more out of your time by improving durability.

The X-Ship supports both ends with bearings, which means that when it is under heavy loads like reel casting or reeling in a distance cast a lure for an impressive catch.

The gears will stay where they need to be so there’s no chance of slipping side-to-hand movement during these motions due to poor friction between spool shafts and gearings inside this product lineup.

What does this do?

Well not only does increased precision reduce wear but also increases performance when using lighter lures on longer casts because Shimano eliminated one major source (frictional force) holding back overall system output!


For the features that this spinning reel comes with, I think it’s quite worth the price tag attached to it.

You won’t find any other reels on the market currently for sale right now which can match up in terms of performance and durability as well as versatility at their current low price point.


  • The drag system on the Stradic FL 1000 is smooth which means less time fighting with your catch when taking them in. 
  • It’s got an anti-rust surface treatment which means that they are protected from the elements even if they get wet. 
  • The three-ball bearing design makes retrieving your line effortless because there are always plenty of bearings to work with. 
  • The G-Free body of the Stradic Fl 1000 makes this model more comfortable to cast and reel in your catch.
  • Overall it’s a great buy for a beginner and intermediate-level angler.


  • The only complaint is that for a few dollars more, you can get even better performance with another Shimano product such as Stardic FL 4000 or 5000.

FAQs of Stradic FL 1000:

Is Shimano Stradic worth the money?

Yes, most of the models including Stradic fl 1000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, and Stradic Ci4+ reel are worth the money.

Can you use Shimano Stradic in saltwater?

Yes, Shimano Stradic can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, but specially designed for saltwater.

What does Hg mean Shimano?

The HG mean in Shimano is High Gearing.

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Whether you are a professional fisherman or just an avid angler, it pays to get the best spinning reel on the market. If this is your goal, then we recommend Shimano’s Stardic 1000 for its high quality and durability.

This product is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, so no matter what type of fish you’re after – from trout to tuna – there will be a time when this spinning reel comes in handy.

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