Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod · [Extended Review]

Shakespere Agility 2
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I love fishing and I love trying new rods. This week, I had the chance to test out a Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod. It was my first time using this rod and it is one of the best rods that I have tested so far!

It has a lot of power with the backbone needed for hard-fighting fish. The sensitivity on this rod is incredible! You can feel everything from light nibbles to big bites.

One thing that impressed me about this rod was how well it handled being bumped by branches while wading in tight spots near the cover. 

So, In this article, I will cover a depth review of Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod, So let’s get started.

Introducing The Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod

Key Features and Specs:

  • Brand: ‎Shakespeare.
  • Length: 8 feet.
  • Casting Weight/ Power: 10-25g.
  • Material: Graphite, Fiberglass.
  • Four-piece construction.
  • Slim design.
  • High modulus carbon blank.
  • Zirconium Oxide guides.
  • DPS Reel seat.
  • Quality cork handle.
  • Cordura rod tube.

Detailed Reviews of Shakespeare Agility 2

The Shakespeare Agility 2 is a great product. It has a nice long handle so it can be used for all different kinds of casting, and the rod itself is very sensitive, making it easy to work within any kind of watersport.

The rod feels powerful in your hand when you’re using it, and if you’re looking to get into playing on big water like fishing or kayaking, the ball bearings make this product very reliable for that kind of activity as well.

Shakespeare Agility 2 Spinning Rod 11zon

So overall I would give this product an 8 out of 10 stars because it’s such a good product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

It has a high-modulus carbon blank, two stainless steel ball bearings, and a bottom-loading DPS reel seat.

The grain on this rod is pretty strong, which means that the product is made to last for a long time. And because it’s got a stable carbon blank that feels smooth in your hand, and also helps give the product a nice feel when you’re using it while casting.

It’s great for any kind of water sport whether you’re going for close quarters or big-stage fishing action. And the cloth jacket makes the product easy to grab and use when you’re out there in the water.

This rod is truly great, and if you’re looking for a good spinning rod to use in your fishing or kayaking activities I would recommend buying this product.

Its intention is simple, to make your fishing journey easier and more fun, and the Agility Spinning Rod will certainly help with that, thanks to its excellent features.

Among 120 years of existence plus a true emotion for fishing supporting its zone, their perfection and expertise certainly expand through in this excellent fishing spinning rod.

One of the most outstanding features of the spinning rod is its slim design, strongest enough, and a carbon blank for making it more durable.

This presents the complete rod as extra-rigid and capable to resist more efficiency, which will provide you to comfortably reel in those larger and more offensive predator fish whilst enduring plenty of light for you to take with comfort.

The Shakespeare Agility 2 spinning rod is designed to be extremely forgiving but still packs an incredible power punch.

This model has a very sensitive tip and butt for feeling out fish while its midsection provides a great balance between sensitivity and strength so you can pull in even the biggest of catches with ease!

The quality doesn’t just stop there; this carbon blank construction also makes sure that your line won’t get caught on anything as you’re fishing away (and knowing how much time we spend reels down)

In addition, the Agility 2 spinning rod is easy to use and will go a very long way in making sure you have the best fishing experience possible.

This rod is sleek and strong, then its performance must be just as good!

Advantage and Disadvantage of Shakespeare Agility 2


  • Perfect rod for anglers who are looking for a high-quality, yet affordable spinning rod.
  • It has an EVA foam handle which gives you great grip and comfort when fishing.
  • This particular range of rods is extremely lightweight, so it’s easy to transport around with you wherever you go.
  • comes in a variety of different sizes; there will be one suited to your needs.
  • The line guide system on this particular rod is Zirconium oxide striper guides which are oversized.
  • The rod is made from a lightweight graphite material which means that you get great performance in a lightweight package.
  • This rod is also very durable, so it’s perfect for beginners.


  • It is not designed for large gamefish like tuna or dolphins.
  • It might break if it falls to the ground.
  • Additional costs you may require If you get hooks or other things stuck in the line guide.

Here is a video related to this review that you can watch to know more about this rod!

Our Verdicts:

We got our hands on the Shakespeare Agility 2 spinning rods and we were very impressed with them.

If you are in the market for a graphite spinning rod, this is a great opportunity to save some money when buying Shakespeare.

The price is low enough that even if you do not like it, you haven’t lost any money (unlike many other rods that tend to be very high).

The Agility 2 spinning rods are a great value. But these rods would work well in saltwater and freshwater situations where you want the performance of graphite over fiberglass.

Overall, I would recommend these rods to all anglers, especially those on a budget.


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