How do Electric Fishing Reels Work: The Ultimate Guide

How do Electric Fishing Reels Work
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So, you are here because you want to know about electric fishing reels right? here you will get a complete guide on How do Electric Fishing Reels Work?

If there is anything that modern technology has done for us, it makes life easier. Even in terms of fishing, technology has surely paved the way to make the experience more enjoyable. We are talking about the electric fishing reels that are rapidly growing in popularity.

Thanks to these modern fishing reels, fishing has never been easier. While you still have to rely on your skills and casting techniques at the onset, the electric fishing reel takes charge of everything that takes place after a fish made the bite. This leaves you with more caught fish than missed nibbles.

So if you are in the market for electric fishing reels, then you came to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these gadgets. More particularly, we’ll answer the question: how do electric fishing reels work?

Definition of Electric Fishing Reel

Before we begin explaining how electric fishing reels work, let’s first discuss what this device is.

We are all familiar with fishing reels. These are the devices attached to the rod that helps you control the fishing line. It also makes line retrieval easier, especially when you caught a fish.

Now, imagine having a motor attached to your fishing reel. The motor is now responsible for retrieving the line so you don’t have to exert a lot of effort. That is the biggest upgrade that an electric fishing reel offers.

So to simplify, an electric fishing reel is a fishing reel with an attached motor to make line handling more convenient.

While it doesn’t do away with the manual line casting, the fact that it pulls the line for retrieval already makes a world of difference. Since you don’t use a lot of energy, you get to enjoy fishing for longer hours.

Nevertheless, we must note that not all electric fishing reels are fully-motorized. Some models still have the manual handle in case the angler wishes to catch fish that way.

This is especially preferred by those who enjoy the thrill of reeling in fish on their own.

How do Electric Fishing Reels Work?

Electric Fishing Reels

Now that you know what electric fishing reels are, let’s now delve deeper into the subject. Let’s now answer this question: how do electric fishing reels work? The process is simple and here are the components that will help you understand how this modern device works.

As previously mentioned, electric fishing reels come with a motor that takes the effort off of fishing. The motor is connected to the spool, which explains how it can control the movement of the line. This is especially helpful when you have to work on pulling a heavy catch.

Once you’ve mounted the electric fishing reel on the rod, operating it will be a breeze. These modern fishing reels have a simple control panel that gives you access to buttons to set up the reel. Just press the buttons to activate the features you need, and the device takes care of the rest.

However, bear in mind that this is the basic way to operate an electric fishing reel. Manufacturers incorporate different features and designs onto their electric reels, so it is best to consult the manual first before casting the line into the water.

Once you’ve successfully set up the electric fishing reel, you just have to wait for a nibble. When the fish finally bites into the bait, the motor will start to work pulling the line in.

Some units have an alarm system that lets you know when it’s starting to reel the fish in. Usually, the electric reel will start beeping so you can stay alert while the fish is being drawn out of the water. This will give you enough time to prepare the bucket for your catch.

In pulling the line back, electric reels rely on the pre-set retrieval speed. The speed varies per unit, so you have to check that before you buy one. But, high-end ones come with a variable speed option so you can use them for different targets.

Aside from the motor, electric reels are also known for their sophisticated dragging systems. These specially-engineered systems make sure to pull the fish while also being sensitive to how the fish reacts.

Thus, despite the opposing tugging of your catch, you don’t have to worry about line breakage.

All of these features go hand-in-hand to make the electric fishing reel work as efficiently as possible.

Are Electric Fishing Reels Safe?

Despite the obvious advantage that you can derive from using these modern reels, some anglers are still skeptical about them. After all, the motors are electrically-powered, and we all know that water and electricity don’t mix.

But the thing is, the motors on electric fishing reels are capable of withstanding moisture that comes from the line being pulled in.

Expert engineers came up with a design that leaves the motor unaffected, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down in the middle of your trip. They are also designed to prevent the internal fittings from becoming short-circuited.

Also, they only use materials that are not prone to corrosion – whether you plan to use them for saltwater or freshwater fishing. Thus, electric fishing reels are safe, and there is nothing for you to worry about.

Modern Meets Traditional

Another factor you have to understand about how electric fishing reels work is that not all of them are fully motorized. Most manufacturers still incorporate the manual handle to give users the option for manual reeling when they want to.

Thanks to this duality, you can still experience the thrill of manual reeling and opt for the motorized option when your hands grow tired.

Alternatively, you can use the manual method if the motor runs out of power. That allows you to fish for an extended period to make the most of your trip.

Who Will Benefit From Electric Fishing Reels?

Armed with a deeper understanding of how electric fishing reels work, we can now discuss who will benefit from these advanced reels.

Beginners Angler

There’s no denying that electric fishing reels are easy to use. It allows you to enjoy fishing without worrying about how much effort you have to exert in reeling the fish in when you get a bite. It also takes away the pressure from having to move the handle at ideal speeds.

With that said, these modern fishing reels will work great for beginners. If you simply want to know how it feels to catch fish without much effort, then this type of reel is your best friend.

Deep-Sea Fishers

Deep-sea fishers will also benefit from electric fishing reels. Since these gadgets use a motor to pull the line back, deep-sea fishing won’t be a problem.

The biggest challenge that anglers face when deep-sea fishing is that they have to exert a lot of effort when manually reeling the fish in. Not only is this exhausting, but it can also cause painful hand cramps that just ruin the experience.

With an electric reel, you can rest easy and wait for the reel to pull in the fish. And since catching fish will be effortless, you know that the time you spend fishing will be truly pleasurable.

Large Fish Anglers

Because catching fish with an electric reel is motorized, it allows you to catch larger fish with ease.

Traditionally, catching a big and heavy fish would require a lot of effort – especially in terms of pulling the rod and reeling it in. With this modern reel, you can focus all your energy on getting a firm grip on the rod.

Additionally, since electric fishing reels have superior drag systems built-in, the tugging of large fish won’t easily cause the line to break. And as a result, you also enjoy a high catch rate without damaging your fishing gear.

Saltwater Anglers

Electric fishing reels will also benefit fishers who love fishing in saltwater areas.

We’ve previously mentioned that most of these advanced reels are made of corrosion-resistant material. Thus, even if you use it for fishing in saltwater, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down.

Nevertheless, we have to emphasize that you should still look into what the manufacturer recommends. Before fishing in saltwater, make sure that the unit is specially designed for saltwater use.

Advantages of Using Electric Fishing Reels

At this point, you know how electric fishing reels make our trips more enjoyable. But that’s not all it offers. Here are the many advantages of using an electric fishing reel.

Value for Money

There’s a common misconception that electric reels come with an expensive price tag. While there are pricey electric reels, you can still find some that are affordable and reliable.

Considering how electric fishing reels simplify the fishing experience, you know that you’re getting good value for what you’re paying for. And the fact that it also increases your catch rate is a big bonus.


One of the biggest advantages of electric fishing reels is that it makes fishing more convenient. Pulling the line manually with the handle can be quite tiring, especially if you’ve been fishing since early morning.

With electric reels, you just have to sit and relax as you wait for that nibble. Also, some units can be quite intuitive. You don’t have to worry about hand cramps and tired arms, and that allows you to continue fishing for hours on end.

Peace of Mind

Another advantage of electric fishing reels is that it gives you peace of mind.

When you’re fishing manually, you always have to stay alert in case of a bite. But with this advanced reel, the motor pulls the line in as soon as it detects a bite. Since it’s built with technology that guarantees a catch, you don’t have to worry about the fish breaking free.


Electric fishing reels are also incredibly versatile. Thanks to their advanced construction and engineering, they can withstand depths that can’t be normally explored by regular fishing reels.

Also, they are built to withstand different environments without breaking down. Whether you plan to fish in freshwater lakes or out on the salty sea, you can count on an electric reel to be your new fishing buddy.


The automated process of reeling in the fishing line allows you to pull in larger fish. The speed at which you’re pulling your catch remains constant, so there’s no chance for escape.

And since the motor is powerful, it also reels the fish in faster than when you have to do so manually.3benefitsof tells us enough about the advantages of using electric fishing reels!

Are you loved fishing so you should know about different types of fishing reels that help you catch a lot of fish!

Electric Fishing Reel Maintenance Tips

Before we end this article, we’ve also decided that you would need maintenance tips to keep your electric fishing reel in great shape.

  • The most important tip is to study the manual. The manufacturer’s manual will be replete with specific care information. This will guide you into the particulars that the reel needs – and observing them guarantees improved longevity.
  • Always oil the gears. The gears are responsible for pulling the fishing line. But as such, it is also exposed to a lot of friction. If you forget to oil these gears, they might heat up and malfunction. Alternatively, that could cause the line to break – and you certainly don’t want that to happen. 
  • As much as possible, do not submerge the reel in water. While the motor and its components are considered water-resistant, submerging the whole unit in water will cause the circuit to malfunction. Not to mention, the batteries could also be affected. Instead, you can clean the fishing reel by wiping it with a clean cloth.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Electric Fishing Reels?

Finally, we have answered the popular question: how do electric fishing reels work?

With all the information provided, we’re sure that you’ve already decided if it’s time to upgrade your manual ones. With the added convenience and ease of line retrieval, this modern device will surely take your fishing trips to the next level.

So all things considered, we highly recommend buying an electric fishing reel. Regardless of your age or skill level, these modern reels will surely make fishing more enjoyable. If you decided to buy a fishing reel you have would read our complete best saltwater fishing reels review and Abu Garcia Revo S Spinning reel review.

If you’re worrying that it will take the thrill out of the experience, we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about. After all, you still get to use your fishing skills and techniques. This device only simplifies the reeling-in process to ease the burden on your part.

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