Furuno GP1871F Review 2024

Furuno GP1871F
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If you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-packed chartplotter and fishfinder, the Furuno GP1871F is worth considering.

The Furuno GP1871F is a standalone chartplotter and fishfinder that combines high-quality mapping and sonar capabilities with user-friendly features.

It boasts a large 7-inch display with multi-touch controls and a powerful processor for smooth operation. The GP1871F is also compatible with a wide range of external devices for enhanced networking and functionality.

The Furuno GP1871F is a great choice for serious saltwater fishing. It has all the features you need to find fish and navigate your way back to shore.

In this review, we’ll dive into its design, capabilities, and overall performance to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your boating needs.

Furuno GP1871F Fish Finder

Furuno GP1871F

Key Specs:

  • Brand: Furuno
  • Screen Size: 7 Inches
  • Weight: 5.4 Pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Special Feature: Bluetooth
  • Dimensions:18 x 10 x 6 inches

Features of Furuno GP1871F

Design and Display

The GP1871F features a sleek and modern design with durable housing that can withstand harsh marine environments

Its 7-inch color LCD display provides clear and detailed visuals, even in bright sunlight. The display is also multi-touch capable for easy and intuitive navigation.

User Interface and Navigation

The GP1871F’s user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to access all of its features and settings.

It features a multi-touch interface, which makes it easy to control all of the unit’s functions. You can simply use your fingers to zoom in and out, change the display settings, and more.

Charploting and Mapping

The GP1871F offers a comprehensive range of charting and mapping features. It comes preloaded with C-MAP 4D charts and supports Navionics, Jeppesen, and other third-party mapping solutions.

The unit also offers a range of display modes, including 3D and satellite imagery views.

Sonar and Fishfinding

One of the standout features of the GP1871F is its powerful sonar capabilities. The unit supports a range of frequencies and transducer options for both traditional and CHIRP sonar.

It also comes equipped with Bottom Discrimination and Accu-Fish features for precise fish targeting and identification.

Wireless Radar Connectivity

The GP1871F can connect to Furuno’s DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar System. This allows you to view radar images on your fishfinder, without having to run any cables.

The DRS4W system has a range of up to 100 nautical miles, so you’ll be able to see storms and other objects far in the distance.

Built-In CHIRP Sonar

The GP1871F comes with Furuno’s exclusive FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) sonar technology. This allows the unit to produce extremely clear and detailed sonar images.

The sonar images are also displayed in full color, so you can easily identify different types of fish.

Network Capabilities

The GP1871F can be easily integrated into a wider onboard network through its Ethernet and NMEA 0183/2000 ports.

It also supports wireless connectivity through its WiFi and Bluetooth features. This allows for seamless integration with other devices, such as AIS, radar, and satellite communication systems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Furuno GP1871F


  • Reliable and most accurate fishfinder.
  • Has a lot of features that other fishfinders don’t have, making it very versatile.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • It’s very affordable, making it a great choice for budget-minded anglers.The GP1871F’s
  • the transducer is very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse.


  • No battery included.

The GP1871F is one of the most popular Furuno fish finders from the brand. It is known for its large color LCD and its ability to find fish in both shallow and deep water. It is also very easy to install and use.

Compatible Transducers

There are many different transducers that you can use with the Furuno gp1871f. Some of the best transducers for this fish finder include the Furuno TM150M Medium-Frequency Chirp Transducer, Furuno 525T-BSD Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer, and the Furuno BRZ TH Transducer.

Overall, Furuno’s GP1871F is a top-of-the-line color GPS/Chartplotter that offers Furuno’s exclusive ETR6/10 World Base Map, which is pre-loaded with information on over 30,000 ports, harbors, and coastal features worldwide.

The GP1871F also has a built-in 50-channel WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS receiver for precise positioning and is compatible with Furuno’s DFF1 Sounder Module for fishfinding capabilities.

In addition, the GP1871F is equipped with an integrated ARP (Automatic Radar Plotting) system that can track up to 10 targets and can overlay AIS (Automatic Identification System) targets on the radar display.

The GP1871F features a large, bright 7″ diagonal sunlight-viewable TFT LCD with LED backlighting, and is IPX6/7 waterproof and dustproof.

The unit is powered by a 12/24 VDC external power source and includes a built-in SD memory card slot for storing waypoints, tracks, and user data.

Comparison With Similar Fish Finder

The GP1871F competes with other chartplotter and fishfinder products, such as the Garmin ECHOMAP 74sv and the Simrad GO7 XSE.

While all of these devices offer similar features, the GP1871F stands out with its powerful sonar capabilities, multi-touch display, and advanced networking features.

It also has a sleek and durable design that is ideal for marine environments.

Video Review With the Water Test

Transducer Installation Guide

The installation process for the Furuno GP1871F is very simple.

Once you have installed the Furuno gp1871f, you will be able to see fish as deep as 2,000 feet below your boat. You will also be able to see the bottom structure and contours of the water bottom.


The GP1871F is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It comes with a range of mounting options and can be easily connected to power and other onboard systems. The device also features a user-replaceable battery for easy maintenance.


Overall, the Furuno GP1871F is a highly capable and versatile chartplotter and fishfinder that is well-suited for a range of boating applications.

It offers advanced mapping and sonar capabilities, user-friendly features, and powerful networking and integration options.

While it may be relatively expensive compared to some similar products, the GP1871F is a reliable and high-quality choice for serious boaters and anglers.

FAQs: People Also Asked

What is Furuno GP1871F?

Furuno GP1871F is a fish-finding device that uses sonar technology to detect and track schools of fish. It is designed for both recreational and commercial fishermen.

How does Furuno GP1871F Fishfinder work?

Furuno GP1871F Fishfinder uses a transducer to emit sound waves into the water. The sound waves bounce off of objects in the water and are then detected by the transducer. The information is then displayed on the unit’s screen, which shows the location, depth, and size of the objects.

What are the benefits of using Furuno GP1871F?

Furuno GP1871F Fishfinder is an effective tool for locating schools of fish. It can also be used to track the movement of fish, which can be helpful for commercial fishermen.

What are the drawbacks of Furuno GP1871F?

Furuno GP1871F Fishfinder is a relatively expensive piece of equipment. It also requires a battery, which must be purchased separately.

Does the GP1871F come with preloaded charts and maps?

Yes, the GP1871F comes with C-MAP 4D charts preloaded. It also supports other third-party mapping solutions.

Can the GP1871F be integrated with other onboard systems?

Yes, the GP1871F can be integrated with a wider onboard network through its Ethernet and NMEA 0183/2000 ports. It also supports wireless connectivity through its WiFi and Bluetooth features.

How does the GP1871F’s sonar compare to other devices?

The GP1871F’s sonar capabilities are among the most powerful and advanced on the market. It supports a range of frequencies and transducer options for both traditional and CHIRP sonar and offers Bottom Discrimination and Accu-Fish features for precise fish targeting and identification.

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