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Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 03:33 am

The winter is coming and it’s time to start thinking about buying a snowmobile. There are many different types of snowmobiles that you can choose from, but not all of them will work for ice fishing.

Luckily, we’ve researched and found the top six best snowmobiles for ice fishing and reviewed them with you in mind!

Here are the best snowmobiles for ice fishing that you can buy in 2022!

Top Rated 6 Best Snowmobile for Ice Fishing

  1. Ski-Doo Expedition SE Snowmobile
  2. 2021 Polaris Voyageur 550 155 Snowmobile
  3. 2022 Arctic Cat Norseman X 8000 ES
  4. Arctic Cat Pantera 7000
  5. Yamaha VK 540
  6. Ski-Doo Tundra Sport 550

Below are the detailed reviews about each of the ice fishing snowmobiles!

Ski-Doo Expedition SE Snowmobile

Ski-Doo Expedition SE Snowmobile
Ski-Doo Expedition SE

The first product that I would like to talk about is the Ski-Doo Expedition SE Snowmobile. The Ski-Doo is perfect for ice fishing because it has a powerful engine that will get you far, good brakes for sudden stops, headlights, and has an easy-to-clean fuel tank.

The Ski-Doo Expedition SE is a sled that can do it all. The 600R E-TEC and 900 ACE Turbo engines deliver the power you need to get going while the SC-5U with ACS provides a smooth ride on any terrain.

With a 154 x 20 x 1.8 inch, Cobra track, 7.8-inch. wide LCD color display (opt.) and Pilot™ 7.4 Skis, this sled has everything you need to conquer any mountain or powder stash out there!

The Ski-Doo Expedition is a symbol of freedom and exploration. The ergonomic handlebar provides intuitive stability, while its free-ranging heritage comes through in the generous snowmobile footprints that allow for easy turning at higher speeds on off-trail terrain.

The Ski-Doo Expedition is a versatile all-terrain vehicle that can accommodate either cargo or passengers, depending on what its user desires. It’s bred for exploring the north with comfort in mind and sporty capabilities too!

Do you need a powerful and versatile partner for your next big job? Well, look no further than the Ski-Doo Expedition snowmobile.

This unit can handle large footprints with ease; it has excellent flotation qualities that will keep you safe while working in deep powder or heavy slush conditions, as well as an agile handling style perfect for tackling any terrain thrown at them during long days on-site!

With utility-inspired features such as stroke max power adjustment so users have complete control over how much horsepower gets delivered to each wheel – this beastly machine makes work fun again.

2021 Polaris Voyageur 550 155 Snowmobile

The Polaris Voyageur 550 155 is one of the best snowmobiles that comes with 217 kg/478.5 pounds weight and an open deck design. It has a single track and its horsepower is 550, making it the best snowmobile for ice fishing.

It comes with a Horizontal In-line engine, steel tracks, and a drive axle. It has an adjustable windshield and a heated seat. It has an adjustable handlebar and comes with rear shock absorbers.

It also features automatic start, grip heaters, hand warmers, and power steering which makes it the best snowmobile for ice fishing in 2022.

With the Polaris Voyageur 550, you’re not only getting an amazingly capable sled. You’re turning your boring winter days into exciting adventure days!

Plus, with the incredible towing capability this machine provides, it’s no wonder people refer to it as The Beast in its class for work or play.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and make adventures happen today! The Voyageur will be a good friend to you during winter. You can go outside and play with it.

Featuring an adjustable front suspension system, sipping shocks on both ends of the track, and a 15-inch wide aluminum tube, your next adventure will be effortless.

Get ready to tackle even the toughest terrain. Nothing can stop you now!

The Polaris Voyageur uses the latest suspension technologies to give you responsive ride control whenever you’re off-trail. With its hitch, rear rack, and Polaris Suspension Technology, this machine delivers performance everywhere your snowmobiling day takes you.

And it’s so easy to customize for any situation with its wide range of accessories. The 550 has aggressive tracks and tough skis that keep you on top of the snow so even deep snow won’t slow down your adventure.

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2022 Arctic Cat Norseman X 8000 ES

The new Arctic Cat Norseman X 8000 ES 2022 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile snowmobile. It features an 8000 series 794cc 2-stroke engine with double Cylinders that is both fuel-efficient and reliable.

The sled also comes with a track kit that includes a front and rear track, making it ideal for off-trail riding. The Norseman X 8000 ES is also equipped with an electric push-button starter and reverse, making it easy to get on and off the trail.

The Fuel Capacity of the Norseman X 8000 ES is 13.7 gallons and the Fuel Type is Minimum Octane.

It has Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder with 10.6″ diameter front and 9.5″ rear brakes that can handle stopping this sled on a dime. The front shocks are an industry-leading Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 air shock that is fully adjustable. The rear shocks are also Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 that are adjustable.

Arctic Cat Norseman X 8000 ES

The Norseman X 8000 ES includes Cargo Bag, Tunnel Bag, Pro Front Bumper, Rear Rack, Ice Scratchers, High Touring Windscreen, Two Up Seat Kit, and more. It also has a 12-volt DC outlet for accessories. The sled is available in both Orange and Green.

Overall, the 2022 Arctic Cat Norseman X 8000 ES is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile snowmobile that can handle any terrain.

Arctic Cat Pantera 7000

Arctic Cat Pantera 7000
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The Arctic Cat Pantera 7000 is a well-equipped snowmobile that is great for ice fishing. The creature has an electric start so it can be ridden without the need to pull the cord to get it started. It also has heated handgrips so you stay cozy on icy days.

It should be a must-have vehicle for your next adventure. With its ability in handling and floatation, this snowmobile will be able to take you over all kinds of terrain with ease!

The Cat Pantera 7000 is a well-known and comfortable snowmobile for ice fishing, long rides, and fun. This model has good fuel capacity, as it can seat two people at once without relying on the backseat!

Most importantly however are its low maintenance costs which make this an affordable choice to be sure.

The 4 stroke engine provides great power and torque while driving on ice. As you are riding through the snow, you must keep an eye on your vehicle and monitor all its vital information with this handy LCD screen gauge!

The Cat Pantera 7000 is a sleek, high-tech dashboard for car enthusiasts. It comes with 14” different readings including a speedometer (to keep tabs on your cruising speeds), engine hours, and battery voltage so you can stay in charge of all aspects that matter most to YOU!

Their easy backrest adjustment allows each driver their preference – no one should be uncomfortable while driving this snowmobile either thanks to it its 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

It has an adjustable backrest, detachable storage space that can be locked for security, electric start to turn it on and off with a button and key.

Yamaha VK 540

Yamaha VK 540 Reviews
Yamaha VK 540

Yamaha VK 540 is a snowmobile that provides good traction and stability for ice fishing. The 540cc fan-cooled engine is powerful to power through the snow and makes your journey complete. It has an ergonomic design that provides comfort while you are out on the ice fishing.

The Yamaha VK 540 also has a fuel economy enhancement system which allows it to provide more miles per gallon of fuel and less pollution.

However, the Mikuni TM33 carburetor is the best choice for fuel efficiency and reliability. It uses dual electronic heaters to keep your engine running smoothly while reducing plug fouling by stabilizing idle speeds!

With a large multi-coil stator ring design, the Yamaha VK540 produces up to twice as much electrical output as its predecessor.

Its 400-watt power can be used for carb heaters and other accessories such as hand warmers or Twin bulb headlights with Xenon functionality.

The fully-coupled dual-sport suspension with the simple and effective flip lever torsion spring adjustment is an excellent option for a variety of riding conditions.

It also includes a 40mm HPG shock for exceptional control, fade resistance, and the ability to handle heavy loads without any issue whatsoever!

Yamaha’s VK 540 is perfect for any type of riding and condition. With its Hi/Lo transmission, you can select from the “normal” high range to low so that it works best with your ride style!

Ski-Doo Tundra Sport 550

Ski-Doo Tundra Sport 550 is the latest snowmobile that offers many great features for ice fishing. This snowmobile is equipped with a Rotex 600 ACE engine and an electric start to provide power and relaxation.

The Tundra Sport 550 comes standard with cargo racks and a tow bar so you can tow your favorite trailer behind you. It also has the option of adding all-season or studded tracks so you can use it in any type of weather.

However, the Tundra Sport 550 is lightweight, compact, and very powerful. With innovative REV-XU platform suspension gives a rider more freedom to move and influence the sled.

The twin DS 2 skis have a single keel for an excellent side-hilling bite on any terrain – which saves gas money by laying off the throttle when ascending or descending hills at steep angles.

Recognizing how aggressive trail riders may sometimes jump over flat ground, ski rails are welded in place so you don’t need clamps to install them.

It is the next generation of trail sleds that is designed specifically for the most aggressive riders on the mountain. Also, their LTS front suspension and Pilot DS 2 skis offer quick maneuverability and stability in tight spaces.

Its Hydraulic Disc brake system and innovative REV-XU suspension system provide a rider with more freedom to move and influence the sled. A powerful engine is equipped in this snowmobile, which is capable of producing great power even when you’re at slow speeds or driving uphill.

It includes cargo racks and it also has an option for adding studded tracks, so you can use it in any type of weather.

All of the great features make Tundra Sport 550 one of the best choices when choosing a new snowmobile to go ice fishing. If you’re not happy, then watch the video review below.

Here is how to set up a snowmobile for ice fishing that you can check out.

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    Things to Know Before Choosing a Snowmobile

    Snowmobiles for ice fishing aren’t all that different than riding motorcycles on the streets. You just want to make sure you have enough power and speed but they also need to be able to navigate well in most conditions, including low light/darkness and snow.

    Let’s take a look at some of the things that keep in mind before choosing snowmobiles for ice fishing.

    Quality & Reliability

    I want to start by saying that the quality and reliability of a snowmobile for ice fishing are in a lot of ways determined by its size. When somebody decides they want a snowmobile for ice fishing, they need to consider the size of the snowmobile.

    If it’s too big, then it won’t be able to be used in tight quarters with small objects. The best snowmobiles for ice fishing are usually medium-sized machines that can go anywhere on flat surfaces without damaging anything or getting stuck in tight spaces.

    Also, keep in mind to catch some fish on ice, you must have a fish finder to go ice fishing.


    Snowmobiles have a variety of safety features. The safety features on the machine ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting injured while you’re having fun on your break.

    Loading Capacity

    I want to talk about load capacity because a snowmobile needs to be able to carry the weight of its equipment.

    Great snowmobiles also have a good suspension system that will help you easily access areas that other machines can’t reach.

    Cooling system

    When it comes to the snowmobile cooling system, you want something that can keep working no matter what.

    You also need a great engine because your machine will be under more stress when there is fresh powder on top of ice or even in high humidity conditions.

    Ease of use & Maintenance

    Another important factor when choosing a good snowmobile is how easy it will be to use.

    Snowmobiles are not meant to have a lot of excess equipment, so you should go for something simple and minimalistic when it comes down to the design.

    You also want your snowmobile machine to require little maintenance after the initial setup because there’s no way that time can fit into your schedule.

    Fuel capacity

    Another notable thing is that the fuel capacity is something that’s pretty much needed when it comes to choosing snowmobiles.

    The best machines will have enough fuel range and they’ll be able to hold enough gas for you to get through your whole day trip without needing to refuel again.

    You want an engine with high horsepower because these types of engines are designed to work on low octane fuel.

    Tracking dimensions

    Tracking dimensions should also be considered because they can help you determine how well the machine will perform in different conditions.

    A snowmobile with a good tracking dimension is heavier than usual so it doesn’t get stuck on ice or low ground clearance, which makes them more stable and easier to drive through most types of surfaces.

    The best ice fishing snowmobile usually has a wider track that’s designed to be able to handle the snow and ice as well as compacted powdery snow.

    Type of Snowmobile

    There are a variety of different types and styles of snowmobiles that can be used to fish in various climates, but comfort becomes an important factor when attempting any sort of outdoor activity.

    The long tracks on touring models would make it easier to cover ground quickly while still being able the transport additional supplies with them if needed or desired.

    However, the utility model usually provides more comfort and stability which allows users enough to get up and go until they reach their destination without worrying about slowing down due to exhaustion before getting there.

    Space, Length, and Width

    The size of the snowmobile is important because you need to be able to fit it into tight spaces without damaging anything.

    If your machine is too big, then it won’t be able to get in between objects and other people will have trouble getting around on a large piece of equipment when things are blocking their path.

    For this reason, a compact snowmobile is usually the best choice for fishing because it’s small enough to maneuver around obstacles but big enough that you won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable while using it.

    Snowmobiles come in all different shapes and sizes, so no matter what kind of climate conditions your area experiences – there should be something out there designed just for your needs.


    Are snowmobiles good on ice?

    Most are not good on ice because of the weight, although some brands have specially made versions.

    Most snowmobiles aren’t designed for steep hills and rough terrain like those encountered in winter environments. If you want to use one off-road or on ice, make sure it’s specifically designed and marketed as such (ice fishing or winter).

    What are the most reliable snowmobiles?

    Arctic Cat and Polaris offer some of the most reliable snowmobiles on the market.
    If you already know what you’re looking for, this is a quick way to find it. There are plenty of other brands out there but these two hold significant weight in the industry with great reviews across the board.

    Why should you avoid riding on ice snowmobiles?

    You should avoid riding on ice snowmobiles because the thought of skimming across icy terrain at high rates of speed does not sound safe.

    It’s too easy to end up with a crash that sends you tumbling across the ice, not to mention that any crash will likely render your vehicle inoperable.

    Is 6000 miles a lot for a Snowmobile?

    Yes, 6000 miles is a lot depending on the snowmobile’s condition. But it’s not very difficult to use a snowmobile for more than 6000 miles.

    What brand of Snowmobile is the best?

    The best snowmobile brands in the market are Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Polaris, and Arctic Cat.


    Snowmobiles for ice fishing have become very popular over the last few years because people love being outdoors in the wintertime, but they don’t want to sit around and wait until springtime before it becomes safe enough again.

    All of these factors are going to help you make an informed decision when it comes down to choosing a good snowmobile for your next winter adventure. So, consider all of these things before making any decisions.